Summer 2020 Wellness Academy Starts in July!

July ushers in a fresh round of Wellness Academy courses, fun Compeer activities, and a brand new Support Group at Mental Health Greensboro! Sign up today for our in-person and online classes. Registration is required as our class sizes are limited, so reserve your spot in our summer wellness programs today!


WRAP & Trauma is a new addition to our Wellness Recovery Action Plan courses. This class is specifically designed to support individuals who have experienced trauma and who are seeking to achieve wellness and recovery. This is 10 session Wellness Academy course and is an IN-PERSON only class. Registration is required.

Begins Monday, July 20th. 10 AM – 12 PM.

WRAP for Family is the second addition to our Wellness Recovery Action Plan courses.Family WRAP helps each member contribute to plans that the family will use to improve day-to-day interactions, meet daily challenges, and promote mutual cooperation. This is 10 session Wellness Academy course and is an IN-PERSON only class. Registration is required.

Begins Thursday, July 30th. 9:30 AM-11:30 AM.

Being Your Authentic Self is offered both as an IN-PERSON and ONLINE course. In this wellness course, peers will discover how to live a life where your words are aligned with actions. How does one commit to live life according to one’s beliefs and values? Learn how to live with a genuine compassion for self and others without passing judgement. This class is 6 sessions and registration is required.

Begins Wednesday, July 22nd. 10 AM-12 PM.

Building Stress Tolerance Skills is an online Wellness Academy course. This course will teach the skills needed to develop healthy ways to endure and cope with overwhelming emotions and how to think critically about the role of distraction and relaxation in stressful situations. This course is 6 session and registration is required.

Begins Thursday, July 23rd. 10 AM- 12 PM.


Begins July 24th

Join us for online game time weekly, 2:30 PM every Friday beginning July 24th. We’ll pick a game and then play it on ZOOM!  There’s bound to be some laughs, so join us for a different kind of socially distanced game time and we’ll Zoom together into the fun.

Begins July 27th

This weekly IN-PERSON Compeer workshop will develop and create different wellness tools for peers to utilize on their wellness journey.  Join each week for a new and fun activity that will allow us to distantly socialize, have fun, and work on recovery together.

Grief & Loss Support Group

As our online support groups continue to grow, we’ve decided to add a Grief & Loss Support group to expand the topic of discussion in our groups and to create an environment of support for those experiencing the pain of loss. Grief & Loss will meet online via ZOOM, every Tuesday at 7 PM beginning July 7th. Please join our Grief & Loss Facebook group to gain access to the meeting codes, or email to receive the information through email.

Begins Tuesday, July 7th. 7 PM.