H.E.R. Support Group For Black Women Begins July 21st

Mental Health Greensboro starts a new support group, H.E.R. beginning July 21st.

H.E.R. which stands for Hope Empowered Recovery, is a group that lifts up black women and creates an environment of understanding and support for those struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, emotional wellness, and other mental health concerns.

Our H.E.R. support group aims to help black women gain an understanding of issues facing the black community and the world around. Peers will get support and guidance from other black women, express and manage emotions and promote healing within the support group community.

H.E.R. will meet online via ZOOM every Tuesday at 12:30 PM. For information on how to connect to this support group via ZOOM, please email MHG at info@mhag.org or join our H.E.R. Support Group on Facebook for instructions.