Dig Into Wellness In the New Year

Mental Health Greensboro will begin a new round of Wellness Academy classes in the New Year. Some of our more popular classes will be held, and now is the time to register.

Our Resurgence class begins December 28th and is offered online and in-person. Resurgence is a great, short, 4 session class that ignites hope in the future of your self care and wellness journey.

WHAM (Whole Health Action Management) & WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) will begin new socially distant, in-person classes in early January. WHAM is a peer-led intervention for people with chronic health and behavioral health conditions that activates self-management to create and sustain new health behavior and begins on January 6th.

WRAP is a class that explores personal symptoms, triggers, and strategies to promote wellness, and hopes. In our WRAP class peers develop a proactive plan in which individuals learn what to look for when symptoms start to intrude, how to turn the tide, and how to create a life that makes them feel alive. Our WRAP class will begin on January 7th.

Other Wellness Academy classes that are set to begin in January include Grief & Loss, Down The Rabbit Hole, Anger Management, and Being Your Authentic Self.

All classes except Grief & Loss, WHAM, and WRAP are available online as well as in-person.

Please click the links below to register and learn more about the free mental wellness classes Mental Health Greensboro offers. We look forward to having you join us in the new year.

Resurgence. Revive the life you want. Wellness class begins December 8th.
Begins December 28th.
In-person & Online.
Begins January 6th.
In-person only.
Wellness Recovery Action Plan class begins January 7th
Begins January 7th.
In-person only.
Begins January 7th.
In-person and Online.
Grief and loss class begins January 12th.
Begins January 12th.
In-person only.
Anger Management begins January 16th
Begins January 16th.
In-person and online.
Begins January 29th.
In-person and online