Teens Gotta Talk

Mental Health Greensboro’s Youth Peer Support Coordinator, Erin Hanes has gotten our TEENS GOTTA TALK program off to a great start!

TEENS GOTTA TALK is a program designed to address mental health issues that are specific to teenagers. Mental wellness during the teen years is crucial.  Teenagers who have good mental health often feel happier and more positive about themselves, enjoy life and have healthier relationships with family and friends. The teenage years is when teens hone their sense of self-worth. It’s also the time when they should learn that their behavior towards others can cause serious self-worth issues. Many teenagers experience conflicts, bullying and social exclusion at school, and it is critical for them to be able to talk openly about their experiences.

TEENS GOTTA TALK is currently implemented as on online after school support group at Northwest Guilford High School, and Mental Health Greensboro has also partnered with SHIELD MENTOR PROGRAM to host our support group as well.

We are looking forward to growing our program with local schools and programs within the area! If you would like to learn more, please email Erin Hanes at erin@mhag.org!