About Us

Mental Health Greensboro (formerly the Mental Health Association in Greensboro) is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and has been a partner and neighbor in Greensboro and Guilford County for over 80 years. MHG provides services and programs that promote mental health and support recovery from mental illnesses. When mental illness affects you or someone you know or love, Mental Health Greensboro is here to provide you with the most up-to-date information, programs, and services that better inform and provide support for you and other members of our community.


Mental Health Greensboro advances mental wellness in our community through leadership, education, direct services and collaborative partnerships. We assist individuals to manage their symptoms, stay in recovery, rebuild relationships, and pursue life goals such as higher education and employment opportunities. We believe that recovery is successful when individuals take an active role in learning about their diagnoses and strategies for managing their symptoms. We are Greensboro’s only dedicated peer support recovery organization combining peer education, peer coaching, support group facilitation and peer support specialist training.

What We Do

Mental Health Greensboro works to support mental health in our community through two main avenues: Recovery support services and public education. Our supportive services are based on the Recovery model of behavioral health treatment, and use evidence based guidelines put forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)Central to this model is the idea that in addition to clinical treatment, those recovering from mental illness or substance abuse benefit greatly from peer support, social inclusion, and community building, and that recovery is successful when individuals take an active role in learning about their diagnoses and strategies for managing their symptoms.

MHG is a community of peers whose lives have been touched by recovery. We provide recovery support through programs such as peer-led support groups, one-on-one peer support sessions with NC Certified Peer Support Specialists, and recovery skills classes through the Wellness Academy, a curriculum of courses designed to provide peers with a ‘toolbox’ of recovery skills to help manage one’s diagnosis, make progress on goals and build resilience. We also have a number of programs geared towards building community and social connections, such as our afternoon Wellness Academy classes, and the Compeer Friends and Connections program. With few exceptions, our supportive services are entirely free to the public.

On the public education side, we provide services that bring mental health and Recovery concepts out into the greater community, to increase awareness of mental health issues and decrease stigma, and to equip the public with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to crisis and support recovery. This includes training programs such as Mental Health First Aid and QPR Suicide Intervention, as well as educational programs geared toward healthcare professionals such as the Provider Academy.


Mental Health Greensboro, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has been a partner and neighbor in Greensboro and Guilford County for over 70 years. Established in 1940 as the Mental Health Hygiene Society, our original goal was to bring a psychiatric clinic to our community. The clinic became a service of the Guilford County Health Department in 1952, and the Society began its long crusade as a strong advocate for understanding, education, and fairness in treatment. During the 1960s, the Society worked to establish a psychiatric unit at the Moses Cone Hospital. In 1977, the Society changed its name to the Mental Health Association in Greensboro. Our focus expanded to developing communication channels between other agencies in order to better serve the mentally ill. Two significant programs were established in 1980, Family-to-Family and Gate House, which provided weekly support groups to families and a drop-in center for consumers. During this decade, the Compeer program was also started. In the 1990s, The Mental Health Association in Greensboro developed a job readiness skills training program, supportive services, Support Source, and a referral service. Many of the programs and attention Mental Health Greensboro has developed over the decades have become permanent programming for other service agencies.

In late 2018 the Mental Health Association in Greensboro changed its name to Mental Health Greensboro, and today continues to focus on advocacy for consumers and families, while providing education, training, information, and services to the community and to individuals. We welcome your interest and invite you to check back to our website regularly as changes occur and new opportunities arise, and to contact us with any questions at 336. 373.1402, or email us at info@mhgtest.artofcode.dev.