Mental Health Greensboro Survey Time!

Mental Health Greensboro is conducting a very short survey! If you would, please take two minutes to answer a few questions for us. We are interested in learning what mental health topics peak our peers interest, in what ways our peers consume information, and when is the most convenient time for scheduling events and classes. Please click the button below to be taken to our survey! Thank you so much for participating, we appreciate your feedback. Go to Survey

Night & Weekend Wellness Academy!

Mental Health Greensboro Wellness Academy Night Classes
Mental Health Greensboro offers two Wellness Academy classes at new time slots beginning in February. Night and weekend classes are offered at the same great rate as our daytime classes...ABSOLUTELY FREE! Our popular Grief and Loss and Anger Management classes will be held at new times that are convenient to people who would like to utilize our services, but are unable to due to work schedules. Peer support specialist Donna Rogers will lead the Grief and Loss class on Mondays from...

Fresh Start: Upcoming Classes

A new year is a time for new beginnings. Resolutions to better one's life are traditionally high priority around the first of the year, and going into a new decade provides the perfect jumping off point for a fresh start. Changing old habits is not always easy, though. Our minds can be stuck in old ways of thinking, but that doesn't mean we can't learn new tricks. Mental Health Greensboro can help veer you onto a path of self determination and help you recover the life you want to live. ...

SFW’s Generosity is Greatly Appreciated.

Mental Health Greensboro has once again been the benefactor of local marketing agency SFW's Createathon. The Createathon is an annual 24 hour creative blitz in which SFW gives back to the community by developing and delivering marketing services for non-profits with little to no advertising budget. SFW has graciously chosen Mental Health Greensboro to be the recipient of its Createathon services every year since 2014. This year, as in previous years, SFW has provided us with generous and i...