We invite you to attend one of our Classes, Events, Support Groups or Workshops so you can become involved, work on recovery and learn more about the topic of your choice. Please note that an orientation is required in order to attend Wellness Academy Classes. To schedule an orientation, please contact us by email at or by phone at (336) 373-1402. Monthly Wellness Academy and Support Group Calendars and upcoming class start dates are posted below, followed by our Special Events Calendar and Registration. Please click on the title of any Special Event to learn more.

(note: calendars are in .pdf format and will open in a new window)

Wellness Academy Support Groups

Wellness Academy July 2018

Wellness Academy June 2018

Wellness Academy May 2018

Wellness Academy April 2018

Wellness Academy March 2018

Wellness Academy February 2018

Wellness Academy January 2018

Support Group July 2018

Support Group June 2018

Support Group May 2018

Support Group April 2018

Support Group March 2018

Support Group February 2018

Support Group January 2018



Special Events Calendar and Registration: