Stand Up for Mental Health

Friday, August 5, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Crown at Carolina Theater
310 South Greene Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

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Most people think you have to be nuts to do stand up comedy…Counselor and Stand Up Comic
David Granirer offers it as a form of therapy!

David Granirer is a counselor, stand-up comic, mental health keynote speaker and author of the
Happy Neurotic, How Fear and Angst Can Lead To Happiness and Success. He performs, maintains
a counseling practice and teaches Stand-Up Comedy Clinic at Langara College in Vancouver,
where he takes people from all walks of life who have had a secret desire to do stand-up
comedy and after eight weeks has them on stage performing at a comedy club.
A pioneer in the use of humor to increase wellness, reduce stress, and cope with change, David
has also taught stand up comedy to recovering addicts and cancer patients. His work was profiled
in the Global TV documentary Laughing Through The Pain and in the Voice Award winning
documentary Cracking Up.

SUMH logo for SUMHHe founded Stand Up For Mental Health, a program teaching stand-up comedy to people with
mental illness as a way of building self-esteem and fighting public stigma. Stand Up For Mental
Health has groups across Canada and the U.S.

David also has depression. It first hit when he was 16. After an increasing downward spiral of
drinking and abusing prescription drugs, he attempted suicide by overdosing on pills and was
taken to the psych ward. He remained there for 6-weeks before being released. He states, “Upon
my release, I felt this crippling shame, this horrible sense of being flawed and bad. Back then no
one talked about mental illness, you just knew it was something terrible and unacceptable.
Since then he has received years of therapy and taken medication while still enduring periodic
bouts of depression. “Seeing people talking about their mental illness through comedy would
have made such a difference to me at that point in my life. To have mental illness brought out of
the closet in that way, to have role models who were funny and courageous would have been
huge in helping me to overcome my shame. It would have given me hope that recovery is possible.


Date:         August 5, 2016
Time:         7:00pm to 8:00pm   Dessert and Cocktails
                    8:00pm to 9:30pm   Show
Location:   The Crown at Carolina Theatre
Tickets:      On sale at 



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