Wellness Academy: Grief and Loss – Session 1

Wellness Academy: Grief and Loss - Session 1

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Mental Health Greensboro (New Location)
700 Walter Reed Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27403

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The Japanese art of Kintsugi (or kintsukuroi) literally meaning “golden repair,” involves filling the cracks of broken pottery with precious metal – dusted lacquer, most often, gold. The concept behind the art is a belief that breaks and repairs contribute to the value increasing history of each piece. In other words, ‘the beauty is in the broken’. In comparison, our human experiences – failures, and injuries, when appropriately repaired, can also render us more beautiful and valuable. This course aims to strengthen the places broken by grief and loss by aiding the participants in identifying, describing, and processing unaddressed pain. The ultimate goal is to accomplish a level of healing from the injurious consequences of avoidance, such as: stress, health problems, depression, anxiety, anger problems, behavioral issues, and overall genuine unhappiness.

12 Classes, 10 of 12 required for graduation:

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Grief course: Objectives, Goals, and Guidelines for Processing Grief and Loss.
  • Session 2: Loss: Identify, Respond, Support
  • Session 3: Grief: Staging, Relating, Expecting
  • Session 4: Surveying Loss
  • Session 5: Loss Packet Step 1 – Telling the Story
  • Session 6: Loss Packet Step 2 – Exploring the Meaning
  • Session 7: Loss Packet Step 3 – Identifying the Unfinished
  • Session 8: Loss Packet Step 4 – Honoring the Past, Stepping Toward the Future
  • Session 9: Loss Packet Step 5 – Celebrating the Kept
  • Session 10: Closure Part 1 – Collages: Group sharing and Supportive Feedback
  • Session 11: Closure Part 2 – Processing Closure: Finding Relief in the Healing
  • Session 12: HOPE (Hold On, Pain Ends) – Grab Bag Group Processing Activity

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