Peer Support

Free one-on-one peer support is available.

For individuals with a mental health diagnosis, Mental Health Greensboro provides one-on-one peer support with NC Certified Peer Support Specialists. There is no charge to participate in this program.

Program Details:

  • Peers are matched with a Certified Peer Support Specialist with a similar life experience.
  • Sessions will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • All sessions are confidential.
  • Participants of Peer Support Services are strongly encouraged to attend Wellness Academy courses in addition to peer support sessions.
  • Orientation is REQUIRED. To schedule an orientation, contact MHG at (336) 373.1402, or email

The concept of peer support is underscored by the fact that people with shared experiences are able to better relate with one another. In the case of mental health, peer support specialists are able to share challenges related to their own diagnosis and assist their peers through the ups and downs of the recovery process. Each specialist has received extensive training and certification by the state of North Carolina.

Peer support specialists work from the perspective of having been there and lend unique insight into mental illness and what makes recovery possible. This program focuses on what mental health consumers can do for themselves and for each other, with activities including skill building, goal setting, and problem solving, all leading to a sense of empowerment for the individual seeking assistance.

Statistics demonstrate that participation in our peer support services and support groups has been effective in reducing the need for repeat hospitalizations and in reducing the severity of psychiatric symptoms, as peers learn appropriate strategies for maintaining their psychological well-being and coping with their symptoms.  

This service is provided absolutely free of charge.

For more information on this unique system of support, or to set up an appointment with a peer support specialist, please call Mental Health Greensboro at (336) 373.1402, or email

Click Here to learn more about the NC Peer Support Specialist Certification Program