Wellness & Recovery Summit 2017


“Invigorating Mind, Body & Spirit”

Event Details

Saturday, May 6th, 2017
12:30 – 5:30 pm

Greensboro Day Middle School
5401 Lawndale Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27455

Free, online registration required.
Spaces are limited.

The 2017 Wellness & Recovery Summit will be held on Saturday, May 6th at Greensboro Day Middle School. This summit is meant for anyone who has experienced mental health challenges, anyone who has cared for someone with mental health challenges, or anyone who is simply interested in mental health recovery and wellness.

Addiction counselors and peer support specialists will receive 3.0 NCSAPPB General Skill Building CEUs for attending the summit.




Speakers and Topics

Wrap Around Continuum of Care Services Model for Adolescents & Their Families
Speaker: Kristen Harper, M.E.D, LCDC, Executive Director, RCNC
Dependency counsellor Kristen Harper will share a bit of her personal story and her family’s story in this presentation, and tie it into her professional expertise. The continuum will include prevention from substance use, intervention, recovery support services and family support services for adolescents.

12:45 pm

Nutrition and How It Relates to Wellness
Speaker: Dale Kanterman, BCND, D.PSc, CCT, A View to Your Health, Founder & President
In this interactive presentation, Dale Kanterman will do craniosacral demonstrations that relieve tension and stress. You will learn about the different essential oils and their many benefits, and most importantly you will understand how nutrition relates to focus, attention, concentration and attitude.

1:45 pm

Reclaiming Your Attention: How Mindfulness Techniques Help
Speakers: Melanie Woodard, LPC, NCC and Roxanne Gilgallon, PMP, BCC
Counselors and Integrative Health Coaches
In this highly complex and distracting world, how can we train ourselves…

  • To become more fully present to what is happening in our daily lives, in the now
  • To return focus when we are distracted
  • To better pay attention

This interactive presentation will teach you mindfulness skills that you can use in everyday life at any given moment.

2:45 pm

How Physical Fitness Relates to Mental Health & Wellness
Speaker: Rob Walsh, Founder and President of Strive Fitness
Learn from fitness professional Rob Walsh why exercise is important for so much more than just your physique. He will share ways to find a routine you enjoy that makes it easier to stick to. You will also be informed on why physical fitness is so critical for overall mental wellness.

3:30 pm

Personal Stories: Creativity and Recovery
Speaker: Mary Christoph, NCCPSS, The Mental Health Association in Greensboro
You will get to know Mary Christoph, an NC Certified Peer Support Specialist, by listening to the inspiring personal story of her past. She will tell you about her recovery, her journey to becoming a peer support specialist, why she teaches the art class at MHAG and how she learned that creativity is a vital tool in maintaining her recovery.

4:30 pm